Ewha Woman University

Ewha Womans University, a private female university located in Seoul, was founded in 1886 by Massachusetts resident Mary Scranton while she was in Seoul, serving as a missionary of the American Methodist Episcopal Church.

Academic Programming

Academic sessions are led by prominent speakers and government officials such as the governor of North Gyseongsang Province and a South Korean congressman.

Cultural Activities

Activities in years past have included trips to the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ), luncheons with the head of International Affairs at Ewha Womans University, visits up the Seoul N-Tower for sunset views, tours of Sinchon and Gangnam neighborhoods, and travels to Gyeongbokgung Palace.

Social Events

Social events include k-pop karaoke nights in Hongdae, picnics on the Han Ricer, tours of Bukchon hanok village, and Korean barbacue dinners.

Traveling to Seoul for the first time since I had last visited eight years ago was truly a refreshing experience for me, and definitely one of the biggest highlights of my first year at Harvard. Before spring break, Seoul meant nothing more to me than a city on the other side of the world where I happened to be born in. But the week of endless adventures in this beautiful city—paired with eye-opening discussions about the Korean healthcare system and its influence on people's daily lives in Korea—instilled an incredible sense of admiration for my culture in the most natural and most genuine way possible.
Hayoung Ahn, Harvard '20
Seoul, March 2017