Hong Kong

The University of Hong Kong

The University of Hong Kong, known informally as HKU by students and professors, is a public research university located in Pokfulam, Hong Kong. The university was founded in 1911 during the British Colonial Era in order for the British to compete with the newly founded universities of the other Great Powers in China, making it the oldest tertiary education institute in Hong Kong.

While the University of Hong Kong is not hosting a conference during HCAP 2019, University of Hong Kong delegates will be attending the January conference at Harvard.

Academic Programming

Academic sessions are led by prominent researchers and lecturers at the University of Hong Kong. Students have also paid visits to leading technology companies.

Cultural Activities

Activities in years past have included visits to the top of Victoria Peak, travel by Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car to the Big Buddha, bike tours through the city, visits to sacred sites such as the Ten Thousand Buddhas monastery, outings to Stanley Market and Beach, strolls down Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade for the Symphony of Lights, rides on the Star Ferry, and hiking Dragon's Back Ridge.

Social Events

Social events include high table dinners at St. John's College of HKU, dim sum, shopping at Hong Kong's many malls and markets, and a pineapple bun making workshop.

The week I spent in Hong Kong is probably one of the most memorable times in my life. As with nearly any foreign place, the food was delicious, the city was lively, and the sights were beautiful but more importantly, the people I met there, the friendships I made, are really what have made such a lasting impression on me. The level of hospitality and overall planning was unbelievable and I, along with my fellow Harvard classmates, felt we belonged in HK the entire time, that the trip was simply a return to a second home. A week seems like a short time but when you have junk boats, Victoria's Peak, egg custards, karaoke, an active nightlife, and a loving group of people to share it all with, a week can contain a year's worth of memories. I certainly look forward to the day I can return to Hong Kong!
Clarence Chan, Harvard '20
Hong Kong, March 2018

Non-Traveling Option

HCAP has had a long-standing partnership with The University of Hong Kong. Due to current events and Harvard’s elevated risk travel alert on the city, we cannot plan to send Harvard students to Hong Kong this coming March.

HOWEVER, we still plan to bring Hong Kong delegates to the Harvard conference in January. Our goal is to form a non-traveling Harvard delegation to host and spend the Wintersession week with them, though as of right now there will be no corresponding conference in Hong Kong in March. These Harvard students would participate in only the January conference.