Meet the Board

Yinyu Ji
Yinyu is a senior in Kirkland House studying Statistics and Economics. Yinyu started her time in HCAP on the Public Relations Committee and has since served as Finance Co-Chair and Content Chair. She has been a member of the Taipei, Mumbai, and Bangkok delegations. Outside of HCAP, Yinyu is involved in the Studio Art Society and Gender Inclusivity in Mathematics. She enjoys drawing, watching stand up, eating all things sweet, and consuming romantic comedies.
Yijiang Zhao
Yijiang Zhao is a junior in Quincy House studying Computer Science with a secondary in Statistics. She has previously served on the Operations Committee and Finance Chair and has been a member of the Istanbul and Tokyo delegations. Outside of HCAP, she is involved in HOPD and WiCS. She loves wooden puzzles, playing board games, cooking, and eating.
Huong Le
Chief of Staff
Huong Le is a junior in Kirkland House concentrating in Neuroscience (Mind, Brain, Behavior Track), with a secondary in Global Health and Health Policy. She is interested in traveling and exploring different cultures around the world. Huong has traveled to Japan with HCAP during her first year and was a part of the Mumbai delegation last year. She hopes to explore more places while in college. She aspires to perform field research in underprivileged communities to help reduce health care disparity around the world. Outside of HCAP, she also leads initiatives within CovEd, the Foundation of International Medical Relief of Children, and volunteers at the homeless shelter. She’s at her most natural habitat when hiking, running, and binge-watching travel and food vlogs.
Christopher Lee
Co-Content Chair
Chris is a sophomore in Eliot House studying Applied Math. He was previously a member of the Taipei delegation and served on the Operations Committee. Outside of HCAP, he also participates in HCCG, HFAC, HSHS, and HCS. In his free time, Chris enjoys playing cello, watching hockey, and playing golf.
Vivien Tran
Co-Content Chair
Vivien Tran is a junior in Eliot House (Domus!) studying history. This is her second year in HCAP; last year, she was in the Content Committee and a part of the Tokyo delegation. Outside of HCAP, she is a member of Club Swim and the Crimson. In her free time, she loves watching Korean dramas and exercising!
Joshua Park
Finance Chair
Joshua is a sophomore and lives in Currier House. He intends on a joint concentration of Social Studies and East Asian Studies and hopes to get a language citation in Korean. Joshua joined HCAP last year as a Finance Associate and a member of the Tokyo delegation. He now serves on HCAP’s executive board as Finance Chair and is excited for what the new year of HCAP will bring. When Joshua is not involved in HCAP-related activities, he debates in the Harvard College Debating Union, and writes and edits for the Harvard International Review. Outside of Harvard, Joshua enjoys gardening, reading, and chatting to friends. He also decidedly does not enjoy 3am classes.
Brian Kim
Foreign Liaison Chair
Brian is a senior in Eliot House studying Government and East Asian Studies. After studying abroad in London this past year, he is excited to be back to continue his third HCAP adventure. He previously served as the Content Co-Chair and traveled with the Seoul and Hong Kong delegations. Outside of HCAP, he enjoys traveling, watching baseball, and playing poker with friends.
Carolina Ranfagni
Operations Chair
Carolina is a junior in Quincy studying Economics with a secondary in Statistics. Last year, she acted as a Foreign Liaison to the Tokyo Delegation. During the academic year, she works as a Research Assistant at HBS, conducts outreach for Harvard Undergraduate Women in Business, is involved with Smart Women Securities as an analyst, and serves on the board of the Harvard Organization for Latin America. In her free time, she enjoys taking pictures, learning languages, and traveling.
Jonathan Yuan
Public Relations Chair
Jonathan is a junior in Eliot House pursuing a joint concentration in Art, Film, and Visual Studies and Classical Languages and Literatures. Last year, he served on the Public Relations Committee and was a member of the Tokyo delegation, and he is very excited for another amazing year of HCAP fun. Outside of HCAP, he’s involved in The Harvard Crimson’s Multimedia Board and Harvard Undergraduate CBE. When he’s not running around with his camera, Jonathan enjoys playing video games, searching for good food, and traveling the world.
Alyx Britton
Co-Social Chair
Profile to be added soon!
Kathy Ling
Co-Social Chair
Kathy is a junior in Dunster House concentrating in Sociology with a secondary in Economics. Last year, she served on the Finance Committee and was part of the Tokyo delegation, where she met a group of amazing people! Outside of HCAP, Kathy is the Vice President of the Chinese Students Association, and is part of the Harvard College China Forum, Smart Woman Securities, and the Asian American Dance Troupe. Kathy is obsessed with dogs and enjoys grandma activities such as embroidery and soap making.
Sam Woo
Sam is a senior in Eliot House studying Statistics. He was in the Taipei delegation this past conference and served as Foreign Liaison. Other than HCAP, Sam has been on the board for An Evening with Champions and tutored at EVKids, which focuses on the development of Boston youth. One interesting fact about Sam is that he was a Scout before college and loves everything outdoors, including fishing, camping, hiking. He also has been shark cage diving in South Africa!