Past Conferences

Past Themes

2018: Redefining Leadership

2017: Mind, Body, and Society

2016: Equality, Tolerance, and Freedom

2015: Technology and Our Generation

2014: Building Sustainable Cities

2013: Civil and Minority Rights

2012: Technology and Social Justice

2011:Global Healthcare Systems

2010: Social Entrepreneurship


The Harvard College in Asia Program takes pride in the variety and depth of academic topics that our conferences have covered in the past nine years. Our speakers, panels and trips have been not just educational, but also a source of inspiration for our participants' career choices.

Each year, HCAP organizes social and cultural events that attract a diverse group of speakers to ensure that the various cultures and views of each one of our partner countries are fully represented. Outside of the academic component of our conference, delegates will have the unique opportunity to learn more about Asia through deep conversations and interactions with their peers.

In each of the past years, more than 130 Harvard and Asian delegates, Harvard faculty and scholars, and other guest speakers from over seven different countries have convened to discuss important topics that affect all of our lives.