Harvard Conference

January 20th – 27th, 2019

During wintersession, HCAP will host a conference at Harvard to be attended by students from HCAP's nine partner institutions. 
The delegates will reside in Harvard student housing and have an opportunity to experience undergraduate life at the university, allowing for a high degree of student-to-student interaction. Delegates will also be able to network with Harvard students as well as students from across the Asian continent, giving them a chance to form lasting relationships.

HCAP 2019 Theme: Global Leadership in the 21st Century

Empowering Education

The conference will highlight different aspects of higher education in the modern world, emphasizing the importance of global collaboration in preparing students for life, work, and citizenship. We will examine how different education systems function and explore ways to improve the quality of our institutions, structures, and resources, as well as increase levels of attainment. On a larger scale, we will evaluate how various policies and practices affect these goals on the international stage.

Part of this conversation invites reflection on what it means to be a leader in our respective countries and also in a more interconnected world. How can we work together to underscore the responsibilities that come with education? How do we better engage with some of the most pressing educational challenges of the 21st century? How will we empower education in underprivileged regions beyond our countries' borders? We hope to discuss these key questions and analyze steps to develop a greater understanding of education’s role in society.